Rebecca de la Torre, M.D. –  Fort Collins Bioidentical Hormones

Rebecca de la Torre, M.D., is the Medical Director at her facility, Allura Clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado. With the many years of experience and training in Family Medicine, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, bio-identical hormone pellet implants, and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. de la Torre personally oversees any and all treatments with the help of her team of Registered Nurses and Medical Aestheticians. Dr. de la Torre strives to present each patient with their individualized treatment options that will provide an optimal outcome.

Dr. de la Torre and her staff will help you get back to the stage of feeling and looking as fabulous as you did in your 20’s by explaining your options and recommending the best procedures for all your conditions to meet your desired outcome, that fits you personally. Dr. de la Torre strives to listen closely to each patient’s concern and present that patient with individualized treatment options that will provide the optimal outcome.

In return, Dr. de la Torre believes that “the rewards in this field of medicine are numerous. To help a patient gain confidence by improving a skin condition is wonderful. Not to mention the friendships and relationships that I develop over time.”

Bio-identical hormone replacement using Bioidentical Hormone pellet therapy is the most convenient and effective method of hormone replacement that involves the simple and painless insertion of a bio-identical hormone pellet under the skin. Dr. de la Torre is excited to be the only Colorado physician to offer the Bioidentical Hormone pellet therapy.

After Dr. de la Torre has determined your hormone levels through blood tests, she is able to determine the bio-identical hormone replacement that is needed to bring your hormone levels in balance. Once inserted under the skin, the pellets deliver a constant stream of hormones into your blood stream twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. Unlike other delivery systems like creams, pills or patches, the pellets work in partnership with your body to provide for its needs.

When there are changes in your heart rate, an increase in blood flow over the pellets occurs. This in turn releases the needed amount of hormone into your blood stream. There is not any other bio-identical hormone delivery method that can provide the consistent delivery of balanced hormones that are needed for a healthy life.

Your renewed confidence and improved self image are the gifts we seek to bestow at Allura Clinic.

No matter what your age, you deserve to take time out of your busy life to take care of yourself. Whether you want to look a little younger, be a little thinner, or feel more confident about your body overall, we can help you make it happen.

Patient Success Stories

I have been so pleased with the results I have obtained with the SotoPellet hormone therapy. I no longer have that brain fog and fatigue. I love the fact that my energy has returned. I love doing yoga, outdoor photography. I really notice a difference in my stamina and endurance.  Thank you Dr. de la Torre

~ Kelli G

I have suffered with hot flashes every hour to 1/2 hour for eight years as I had to have a complete hysterectomy in 2004. I have not had a full night sleep since then because of the hot flashes. The Bio-identical hormones have given me back my life and I feel like a real woman again. Plus my husband is VERY happy again!

~ Pat S.

Questions? Please call Fort Collins Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Rebecca de la Torre, M.D. to schedule your initial appointment, discuss your symptoms and decide on a course of treatment for your specific needs.